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Custom guitars and guitar/amp/pedal repair by Basone

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how to order your own Basone electric guitar

For electrics, acoustics, guitar hardware and accessories, visit our online store. Or stop by at our location, where you can find a wider variety of products.

For guitar repairs, you may have to drop off your instrument at our shop for a personal diagnosis of the instrument's problem.


Step 1

Custom electrics start at around CAD $2,000. Our prices vary according to what each costumer would like to add to our existing basic model (see our customize page for more details). Contact us by email or phone (604) 677-0311 to get a price quote.

Step 2

For custom guitar orders, a minimum of 25% deposit payment is required (see methods of payment below). You may start picking out your wood via email, webcam or in person.

 Step 3

  You may pay by:

Cash - Preferable in-store payment form.
Debit- Pay by Debit in-store.
Cheque You may choose to write a cheque to Basone Guitars. All cheques must be cleared before finalizing purchase/service.
Credit Card- Pay by MasterCard or Visa in-store or by phone.
- If you wish to pay online, we will email you an invoice so you can pay through Paypal. It's fast, secure, and you don't have to open a Paypal account to effectuate the payment.

Each custom guitar takes about 5 to 8 months to build. Pictures are sent to the customer throughout the process. Finished products are shipped to its proud owner, guitar case is optional.


We guarantee our products and services!!

we accept paypal


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